Well, I finally jumped on the ole bandwagon and joined facebook.  It has multiple functionality and integrates nicely with 30Boxes, so I hear.  We’ll see how it goes…


SplashCast…very interesting

Found this little web application. It’s so cool! Has limited functionality right now, but I’m going to keep my eye on it for awhile. Integrated Flickr stream and uploaded some background music. YouTube also available, and you can record your own audio and video instead if you wish. Nice demos with WordPress.com and Pageflakes embedding. Having trouble in Internet Explorer, however…why am I not surprised? I’ve been trying to embed in my brendasbasics.com site, but IE is hanging…grrr. I guess this calls for some research…

Best seen in Firefox, then:  here’s the link: SplashCast

[splashcast AMJZ1035YD]


UPDATED:  I’m really likin’ this cool little toy…guess I’m gonna have to go full tilt and upload pics and video and recorded voice-overs for a new channel!  Whheee-eee!

I’m online…yeah!

It’s official, BrendasBasics.com is now online.  I am now my own entity.  It feels strange, actually, kinda bare naked.  Like I need to be super careful from now on.  Hmm…so, to recap, this is the “Basics” suite offering from Microsoft Office Live…it’s free.

So, gimme a couple of days to tweak, it’ll be a perpetual work in progress.  I ought to be able to give y’all a good review, though, huh?  Here’s a screenshot:


Oh, and by the way, the girls are having a SNOWDAY today…..woohoo!  Hopefully I’ll get outside and take some photos…more later…

I got my own domain!

Well, what the heck, thought I’d branch-out even more. Microsoft Office Live has a basics website for free. You get your own domain, website creator, e-mail, and business solutions [in part]. And upgraded options for those who don’t mind spending a tiny bit extra per year for stuff. Yeah, it’s brought to you by Microsoft, but, hey, I’ve been using Office for awhile now…

I’ll letcha know when I’m online at Brenda’s Basics.com…woohoo!

What in the hell am I doing, anyway? I’ve got this WordPress.com blog going now, I’ve got one of those free Yahoo! websites, I’ve tinkered with Wetpaint and Weebly, been around on Yahoo! 360 too, MySpace, 30 Boxes, Flickr…just what is it I’m trying to accomplish? Got me, gentle reader. I’m clueless. Do I want to earn my way like this? Is this Plan B? I don’t think so. Obviously, I’m not worried about anonymity anymore. Just take a look at my “web presence” on 30 Boxes.


I mean, really, how many avatars do I need? Maybe that, in part, is what I’m trying to accomplish…consolidate…aggregate..collate…heh heh.

30 Boxed! Calendar Mashup.

So, what more could I possibly say about 30 Boxes? This fun and useful online calendar is getting better all the time. Now you can embed your schedule in blogs and websites and share your calendar via RSS, event lists, hCard, vCard, and create a “web presence” like no other I’ve seen. With the recent feature, 30 Boxed Calendar Mashup Machine, you don’t have to be a member to build a widget that you can embed in your blog or website.

For more insight on 30 Boxes, read my previous post!!

But don’t just take my word for it, search for others who have blogged about 30 Boxes. Try a Technorati tag search here.

A Note About Weebly.com

I’ve been playin’ around with yet another easy website creator, Weebly. so far, I find the text-editing a little clunky and hard to get used to, but once you’re in the groove, it’s pretty cool. It’s all about AJAX, baby…drag and drop, Web 2.0, etc.. I wish it had a few more features, and it were a little more customized, but the end result looks “ok”. It still looks compartmentalized, yet professional. Here’s what I’ve started with thus far…brendasbasics.weebly.com.


It includes some recent additions to 30 Boxes that I’ve been playin’ with, namely, embedded calendars and widgets. A full post on these new features is forthcoming, dontchoo worry your pretty head over that, knowing reader…heh heh.