SplashCast…very interesting

Found this little web application. It’s so cool! Has limited functionality right now, but I’m going to keep my eye on it for awhile. Integrated Flickr stream and uploaded some background music. YouTube also available, and you can record your own audio and video instead if you wish. Nice demos with WordPress.com and Pageflakes embedding. Having trouble in Internet Explorer, however…why am I not surprised? I’ve been trying to embed in my brendasbasics.com site, but IE is hanging…grrr. I guess this calls for some research…

Best seen in Firefox, then:  here’s the link: SplashCast

[splashcast AMJZ1035YD]


UPDATED:  I’m really likin’ this cool little toy…guess I’m gonna have to go full tilt and upload pics and video and recorded voice-overs for a new channel!  Whheee-eee!


Music is the order of the day…

I just can’t seem to get up from my computer today.  I’m even draggin’ out old mp3 data cds to find stuff for my next burn project.  And I mean old!  Loop Guru, Astral Projection, Paul Romero.  I’ve recently made cds for a couple of my friends, just some mainstream vocal house and club mixes I thought they would like.  And I’ve decided, by request, to try something a little more trippy next time.  Whilst sorting thru some of this stuff, I’ve also been syncronizing my MP3 player, adding more playlists, and so on.  I have a Creative Zen Micro, the 5 Gig one, and I have never been happier to carry around my music.  This thing rocks!  I’ve never had a lick of trouble with it and transfering files from my computer has never been easier with the Real Player.  I use the Real Player for my universal music and video stuff.  I know a lot of folks prefer Windows Media Player, which is cool, but I guess I latched-on to Real pretty early-on in my computer development, and haven’t looked back since, even thru all the changes, updates, versions, etc..


I’ve got to get Lilah, my eldest daughter, to update her playlists.  We’ve found some Lauren Hill and The Fugees, DMX, E-40, to name a few, lately, and she has been dabbling into country music also.  Sheesh!  What a mixture!  And, of course, both of my daughters are into Reggae.  Old skool, ya know, “roots” stuff like Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff.  We are an eclectic bunch around here, with my electronica and retro collections [I graduated in 1985, for God’s sake].  Can you say Kajagoogoo 10 times fast, boys and girls?

And, last, but not least, is my Nero burning software, that came with my burner.  It comes with Nero SoundTrax and Wave Editor.  So I can mix on my own, then burn to cd.  I just recently started fartin’ around with SoundTrax.  It’s awesome!  Just, plain awesome.



I’m gonna go ahead and post this, but I’ll be back with links and screenshots shortly…I gotta eat some time…