WordPress for android


So this is interesting. Found an app for WordPress. Guess Im slow. I’m thinking that blogging might be best done from home, however. Isn’t facebook good for getting that small bit of info out? Or Twitter, if you’re socializing? Or at work, or on the go? So consider this a test run…:)



Well, I finally jumped on the ole bandwagon and joined facebook.  It has multiple functionality and integrates nicely with 30Boxes, so I hear.  We’ll see how it goes…

SplashCast…very interesting

Found this little web application. It’s so cool! Has limited functionality right now, but I’m going to keep my eye on it for awhile. Integrated Flickr stream and uploaded some background music. YouTube also available, and you can record your own audio and video instead if you wish. Nice demos with WordPress.com and Pageflakes embedding. Having trouble in Internet Explorer, however…why am I not surprised? I’ve been trying to embed in my brendasbasics.com site, but IE is hanging…grrr. I guess this calls for some research…

Best seen in Firefox, then:  here’s the link: SplashCast

[splashcast AMJZ1035YD]


UPDATED:  I’m really likin’ this cool little toy…guess I’m gonna have to go full tilt and upload pics and video and recorded voice-overs for a new channel!  Whheee-eee!

I’m online…yeah!

It’s official, BrendasBasics.com is now online.  I am now my own entity.  It feels strange, actually, kinda bare naked.  Like I need to be super careful from now on.  Hmm…so, to recap, this is the “Basics” suite offering from Microsoft Office Live…it’s free.

So, gimme a couple of days to tweak, it’ll be a perpetual work in progress.  I ought to be able to give y’all a good review, though, huh?  Here’s a screenshot:


Oh, and by the way, the girls are having a SNOWDAY today…..woohoo!  Hopefully I’ll get outside and take some photos…more later…