I got my own domain!

Well, what the heck, thought I’d branch-out even more. Microsoft Office Live has a basics website for free. You get your own domain, website creator, e-mail, and business solutions [in part]. And upgraded options for those who don’t mind spending a tiny bit extra per year for stuff. Yeah, it’s brought to you by Microsoft, but, hey, I’ve been using Office for awhile now…

I’ll letcha know when I’m online at Brenda’s Basics.com…woohoo!

What in the hell am I doing, anyway? I’ve got this WordPress.com blog going now, I’ve got one of those free Yahoo! websites, I’ve tinkered with Wetpaint and Weebly, been around on Yahoo! 360 too, MySpace, 30 Boxes, Flickr…just what is it I’m trying to accomplish? Got me, gentle reader. I’m clueless. Do I want to earn my way like this? Is this Plan B? I don’t think so. Obviously, I’m not worried about anonymity anymore. Just take a look at my “web presence” on 30 Boxes.


I mean, really, how many avatars do I need? Maybe that, in part, is what I’m trying to accomplish…consolidate…aggregate..collate…heh heh.


Music is the order of the day…

I just can’t seem to get up from my computer today.  I’m even draggin’ out old mp3 data cds to find stuff for my next burn project.  And I mean old!  Loop Guru, Astral Projection, Paul Romero.  I’ve recently made cds for a couple of my friends, just some mainstream vocal house and club mixes I thought they would like.  And I’ve decided, by request, to try something a little more trippy next time.  Whilst sorting thru some of this stuff, I’ve also been syncronizing my MP3 player, adding more playlists, and so on.  I have a Creative Zen Micro, the 5 Gig one, and I have never been happier to carry around my music.  This thing rocks!  I’ve never had a lick of trouble with it and transfering files from my computer has never been easier with the Real Player.  I use the Real Player for my universal music and video stuff.  I know a lot of folks prefer Windows Media Player, which is cool, but I guess I latched-on to Real pretty early-on in my computer development, and haven’t looked back since, even thru all the changes, updates, versions, etc..


I’ve got to get Lilah, my eldest daughter, to update her playlists.  We’ve found some Lauren Hill and The Fugees, DMX, E-40, to name a few, lately, and she has been dabbling into country music also.  Sheesh!  What a mixture!  And, of course, both of my daughters are into Reggae.  Old skool, ya know, “roots” stuff like Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff.  We are an eclectic bunch around here, with my electronica and retro collections [I graduated in 1985, for God’s sake].  Can you say Kajagoogoo 10 times fast, boys and girls?

And, last, but not least, is my Nero burning software, that came with my burner.  It comes with Nero SoundTrax and Wave Editor.  So I can mix on my own, then burn to cd.  I just recently started fartin’ around with SoundTrax.  It’s awesome!  Just, plain awesome.



I’m gonna go ahead and post this, but I’ll be back with links and screenshots shortly…I gotta eat some time…


…to upgrade or not to upgrade…that is the question…

I was reading Ed Bott’s blog today about Vista Mythbusters #1. He sure knows how to stir the pot with a platinum spoon. Comments were coming out of the woodwork like carpenter ants. Just how much computer does one need to run Vista? Of course the rumors are scary enough to elicit panic in the average Joe Blow out there. How much more money must I invest into my machine…i.e. RAM, graphics card, etc…or should I just buy a new computer with the Vista OS already installed? Many friends of mine have made arguments for both routes, saying that the makers of their computers they already have should provide low-cost upgrade solutions for graphics and processor speed and RAM; and by the same token, those friends of mine who are in the market for a new computer at the moment say that a good desktop with plenty of oomph for running Vista won’t cost over $800 [not a gaming system].

UPDATE: see my latest post “…and, yet, more mythology…
But there is one fact that sticks in my craw. Will Vista be a more viably stable system? [XP definetly was more stable than previous Windows versions] Or does it just look pretty? Will it be the kind of upgrade we all need without the doomed “WinFS” embedded in it? [I, for one, am disappointed over this] I’m pretty sceptical. The supposed enhanced security will be a selling point for many, but they are already finding holes…don’t they always?

But, inevitably, there will be those folks who do not upgrade their systems even one iota, then complain that Vista slows down their computer…well, duh! I can’t begin to tell you how many friends’ computers I’ve worked on that shouldn’t even be running Windows XP on them. And when you suggest that they buy another stick of RAM, or call Dell [or Gateway, or HP, etc] and see what upgrades are available for their computer model, they look at you like you’re looney tunes.

So, that’s the rub, then, isn’t it? Money. And getting the facts……..thanks, Ed for an informative article! I’m looking forward to Vista Mythbusters #2!

Windows Live homepage

Am I the only one who thinks Windows Live.com is clunkier-than-hell? Half the time, the modules won’t load, or they are hard to configure. And, in my opinion, it’s just ugly…plain and simple. Yes, I know it’s still in “beta”, but, jeez, how long do I have to wait for bugs? It’s been online now for some time and I’ve been trying to personalize it with gadgets provided; however, I think I’ve had enough…I’m done. Either a product works, or it doesn’t. Many of my friends or the average Joe Blow internet-user would have given-up by now. It’s just not worth my time anymore tryin’ to figure it out.


Why should I? When Netvibes is so much cooler? It’s the same homepage-type, AJAXy, open API, feedreader module kinda thang. But there’s one major difference…it actually works, and it looks good. I’ve noticed a couple of problems, but those have been with the actual coding on some of the open-source modules. So I don’t use those. And I still have plenty of options to choose from. Let’s put it this way: I have spent much less time figuring-out how to personalize my page on Netvibes than I have on Live. So much difference, in fact, that I’m wondering if everyone hasn’t had the same experiences with this as I have? I’m just playing devil’s advocate here…I’ll betcha the average net-surfer will find that Netvibes is more user-friendly, in other words. Isn’t that what it’s all about, afterall?

So, tell me what you think…….

I love Electronica!

I know that’s a very broad genre of music, but there are so many aspects to Electronica that it’s hard to choose a sub-genre as a favorite [or even a sub-sub-genre, for that matter]. I guess it depends on what kinda day it’s been, or what kinda day you want to have, doesn’t it? I mean, really, what shall it be today?…House, which can be uplifting and danceable, and, yet psychedelic and trippy depending on the sub-sub-genre…or Chill Out with sub-categories such as Ambient, or Trance with a wide range of subs from Acid to Goa. The list of genres and sub-genres within Electronica are staggering! Now, if I haven’t confused you yet, then you’re probably a fan as well. If I have confused you, well then, don’t feel bad…most people don’t understand what the hell I’m talkin’ ’bout most of the time anyway…take a number…

besoniclogo.gifA good place to start [that is, if you’re interested] is Besonic.com. This is a German site that has recently relaunched. Browse the categories within Dance and Electronica and the sub-categories, and you will get a general idea of how things breakdown. This site offers free downloads to registered members. Artists on this site will find tools on how to get their music out there. Music is by mostly unsigned groups who want their music heard…thus it’s free.

cnetlogo.jpgAnother good site to find free downloads is CNet’s download.com. If you browse thru the genres and click on a certain sub-category name, sometimes it will give you an overview on where and how the sub-genre started.

protonlogo.jpgAnd, in my opinion, the best site for finding and listening to the acme of Electronica music would be ProtonRadio. I can’t write enough praise for this online radio station! Live DJ sets, weekly programs, artist biographies, links to downloads and “on-demand” content, forums, and so much more!

So, it is with great happiness that I trackback and link to 10 Daily Things. DJ Stelios has made his sets available to download on his wordpress blog. I’ve been listening for hours now while blogging and surfing. Neat sets of retro remixes, progressive sounds, and some well-placed Mediterranean-influenced beats…bravo! And, so, I have added to my links at the right——->