So, I have this self-taught, try new stuff thang goin’ on right now. It has coincided with my daughters’ educations quite well; in that, they have been able to teach me keyboard shortcuts which are typical to a Windows environment, among other things…how to use Office a little more efficiently, etc.. I watch where my kids go on the internet pretty diligently. I talk to them about what they like and dislike about certain websites, applications, new software I download. I’ve noticed how different they are. My older daughter doesn’t care how it works, as long as she doesn’t have to tweak it; and my younger is more of an explorer…learning along the way how to get from point A to point B in the shortest way possible, thus “personalizing” her experience.

With that said, I have many friends who are considered “geeks” as well as some who are a little more “computer illiterate”. I have listened to them all, learning along the way, what they need, want, or will or will not put time into. And, of course, I know my own limitations and capabilities…I’m not a developer or programer…I don’t know HTML, Flash, JavaScript…but I understand the concepts of XML, RSS, AJAX, Web 2.0, open API, and how they are going to change the way the average Joe Blow is going to want to use his computer. We just want them to work…and, if, we get to personalize our experience along the way, so much the better….sound familiar?


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