I heard something the other day…food for thought.

A co-worker of mine had this to say:  “I refuse to have a battle of wits with someone who is unarmed.”

Jeff, I think you’ve said a mouthful.  I’m not sure who originally said this, or if it’s a slight variation on a truly quotable quote, but I definitely get it! 

So much so that I think I’ll adopt it as a mantra…my lantern in dark places…the rocky ledge I cling to…

From the dictionary:  NOUN:  Wit:

  1. The natural ability to perceive and understand; intelligence.
    1. Keenness and quickness of perception or discernment; ingenuity. Often used in the plural: living by one’s wits.
    2. wits Sound mental faculties; sanity: scared out of my wits.
    1. The ability to perceive and express in an ingeniously humorous manner the relationship between seemingly incongruous or disparate things.
    2. One noted for this ability, especially one skilled in repartee.
    3. A person of exceptional intelligence.


There are so many times in my life where I wish I had understood this already.  Times where I felt as if I were bashing my head against a brick wall.  I’m not saying, however, that I am always in the right, or that my ideas of things are the truest…au contrere…I believe there are fundamental differences in the sexes and they way they think, speak, and behave.  I believe there are basic principles to live by, but one’s interpretation of these principles are based upon life experience, and in no small way, religion.  So we are all human beings, fallible, just trying to muddle through it, doing the best we can with what we have; learning along the way, applying those things in our daily lives, and striving towards enlightenment, for lack of a better word.  {Gawd, I sound like a self-help book…lol}

But, I think it’s this understanding of human nature, or lack of understanding, moreover, that sets us apart…or, more to the point…drives me crazy…endangers my sensibilities…hurts me, inevitably.  {I need to enter that Writing like Hemingway contest, huh?  look at all those run-on sentences!}  Finding a life-partner who has similar interpretations, putting up with the ineptitude of your superiors in the workplace, and dealing with those people who cross your life’s path, can be really frustrating without some kind of dogma to live by.  I know of one such teaching: it’s called The Golden Rule.  “Do unto others what you would have done unto you”.  Baby, that says it all!  There’s nothing else for us idealists.  But how can we cope, in the interim, with those folks who just don’t get it?!  Why, we adopt a mantra as written in the beginning of this post…the whole reason for this post, as long-winded as it is…my new standard…my cure.

“I refuse to have a battle of wits with someone who is unarmed!”

Thanks, Jeff, for this great euphimism, and thanks to whoever said it first {I need to look this up, me thinks}.  You’ve saved my life, you really have…


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