SplashCast…very interesting

Found this little web application. It’s so cool! Has limited functionality right now, but I’m going to keep my eye on it for awhile. Integrated Flickr stream and uploaded some background music. YouTube also available, and you can record your own audio and video instead if you wish. Nice demos with WordPress.com and Pageflakes embedding. Having trouble in Internet Explorer, however…why am I not surprised? I’ve been trying to embed in my brendasbasics.com site, but IE is hanging…grrr. I guess this calls for some research…

Best seen in Firefox, then:  here’s the link: SplashCast

[splashcast AMJZ1035YD]


UPDATED:  I’m really likin’ this cool little toy…guess I’m gonna have to go full tilt and upload pics and video and recorded voice-overs for a new channel!  Whheee-eee!


3 thoughts on “SplashCast…very interesting

  1. Thanks for the kind words Brenda, glad you’re enjoying SplashCast. If you have any questions or want to compare notes on creative inspiration don’t hesitate to drop me a line any time.
    Marshall Kirkpatrick
    Director of Content

  2. What a perfect day, not only do I see my patent LIVE in the form of someone else but one of the first demonstrations from a real person’s audio is HOUSE music…. *pls!!!!* send me that track. I really like your style Brenda!

    Ty Graham
    I have the patent on Splashcast (bada bing!)
    Los Angeles CA
    er… Total Househead!

  3. RESPONSE: WOW! Trackbacking works! [I’m humbled by my visitors, thanks so much for dropping by]…And so does this whole Web 2.0, “web presense” sharing thang. I’m officially no longer anonymous.
    As you can see, Ty, Nu Sensation by Madison Park is in my Pandora Bookmarked songs list to the right, perhaps we can hook-up on Yahoo! Messenger and I can send u the file [or if I’m one of the 1st ppl on GigaOm’s free giveaway, then Joost?] I like all kinds of Electronica! Here’s a post: https://brendasbasics.wordpress.com/2006/07/30/i-love-electronica/.
    And Marshall, what can I say? I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy…:)…[prostrates herself before the great one]. My daughter would like to see Photobucket integration. And I’m curious to see if you expand the RSS options. I hate that I’m having trouble embedding SplashCast with IE on my free site with Office Live, but I’ll be bitching at them for that. But all in all, what a neat little toy this is! Kudos for taking the plunge into the unknown and switching careers.
    Again, thanks for stopping by…Brenda.

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