A Note About Weebly.com

I’ve been playin’ around with yet another easy website creator, Weebly. so far, I find the text-editing a little clunky and hard to get used to, but once you’re in the groove, it’s pretty cool. It’s all about AJAX, baby…drag and drop, Web 2.0, etc.. I wish it had a few more features, and it were a little more customized, but the end result looks “ok”. It still looks compartmentalized, yet professional. Here’s what I’ve started with thus far…brendasbasics.weebly.com.


It includes some recent additions to 30 Boxes that I’ve been playin’ with, namely, embedded calendars and widgets. A full post on these new features is forthcoming, dontchoo worry your pretty head over that, knowing reader…heh heh.


2 thoughts on “A Note About Weebly.com

  1. Brenda, how did you get widgets onto a Weebly page? Had a look at the MuseStorm faq’s where they discuss Blogger, WordPress and TagWorld, but there appears to be no equivalent way of getting at the html in Weebly (i.e. no edit html or template).
    I was looking to get a sitecounter and other stuff on weebly pages.


    Response from Brenda: Well, that seems to be one of the features they need the most. I couldn’t find it either. Everything that’s on my page thus far has been widgets that are provided by them in the editing sections. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. So far, the “wiki” sites I’ve tried-out have been disappointing, but I have yet to try Jotspot .

    On a similar note, have you tried some of the free websites out there? Yahoo! Geocities still has a free site you can build with a most powerful editor, albeit with ads and a geocities.com/username, not your own domain name, but every widget, listbox, counter, button I’ve ever tried to embed has been a breeze with the built-in html editor. Also Microsoft Office Live is offering a free basic account with your own domain name. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it’s one of the things on my to-do list…:)

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