Windows Live homepage

Am I the only one who thinks Windows is clunkier-than-hell? Half the time, the modules won’t load, or they are hard to configure. And, in my opinion, it’s just ugly…plain and simple. Yes, I know it’s still in “beta”, but, jeez, how long do I have to wait for bugs? It’s been online now for some time and I’ve been trying to personalize it with gadgets provided; however, I think I’ve had enough…I’m done. Either a product works, or it doesn’t. Many of my friends or the average Joe Blow internet-user would have given-up by now. It’s just not worth my time anymore tryin’ to figure it out.


Why should I? When Netvibes is so much cooler? It’s the same homepage-type, AJAXy, open API, feedreader module kinda thang. But there’s one major difference…it actually works, and it looks good. I’ve noticed a couple of problems, but those have been with the actual coding on some of the open-source modules. So I don’t use those. And I still have plenty of options to choose from. Let’s put it this way: I have spent much less time figuring-out how to personalize my page on Netvibes than I have on Live. So much difference, in fact, that I’m wondering if everyone hasn’t had the same experiences with this as I have? I’m just playing devil’s advocate here…I’ll betcha the average net-surfer will find that Netvibes is more user-friendly, in other words. Isn’t that what it’s all about, afterall?

So, tell me what you think…….


2 thoughts on “Windows Live homepage

  1. I really don’t like too, that’s what you said modules won’t load. I prefer netvibes between and netvibes. But actually I use , because there are some advantages such as shared page and skins.
    And there are many other nice services on the web 2.0 like ,, writely, and thousands of more of them.

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