I love Electronica!

I know that’s a very broad genre of music, but there are so many aspects to Electronica that it’s hard to choose a sub-genre as a favorite [or even a sub-sub-genre, for that matter]. I guess it depends on what kinda day it’s been, or what kinda day you want to have, doesn’t it? I mean, really, what shall it be today?…House, which can be uplifting and danceable, and, yet psychedelic and trippy depending on the sub-sub-genre…or Chill Out with sub-categories such as Ambient, or Trance with a wide range of subs from Acid to Goa. The list of genres and sub-genres within Electronica are staggering! Now, if I haven’t confused you yet, then you’re probably a fan as well. If I have confused you, well then, don’t feel bad…most people don’t understand what the hell I’m talkin’ ’bout most of the time anyway…take a number…

besoniclogo.gifA good place to start [that is, if you’re interested] is Besonic.com. This is a German site that has recently relaunched. Browse the categories within Dance and Electronica and the sub-categories, and you will get a general idea of how things breakdown. This site offers free downloads to registered members. Artists on this site will find tools on how to get their music out there. Music is by mostly unsigned groups who want their music heard…thus it’s free.

cnetlogo.jpgAnother good site to find free downloads is CNet’s download.com. If you browse thru the genres and click on a certain sub-category name, sometimes it will give you an overview on where and how the sub-genre started.

protonlogo.jpgAnd, in my opinion, the best site for finding and listening to the acme of Electronica music would be ProtonRadio. I can’t write enough praise for this online radio station! Live DJ sets, weekly programs, artist biographies, links to downloads and “on-demand” content, forums, and so much more!

So, it is with great happiness that I trackback and link to 10 Daily Things. DJ Stelios has made his sets available to download on his wordpress blog. I’ve been listening for hours now while blogging and surfing. Neat sets of retro remixes, progressive sounds, and some well-placed Mediterranean-influenced beats…bravo! And, so, I have added to my links at the right——->


One thought on “I love Electronica!

  1. Hi! found your post via Technorati. Since you love electronic music, I thought you’d be interested (and possibly be able to help?) in a new project that has just been launched. The site is http://www.spinitfirst.com and essentially has one main goal – present the finest unsigned electronic music to the masses. All tracks are either submitted directly by their creators or have been granted permission to be on the site. If you have chance, browse through the various styles and see what we have to offer.

    BTW – I understand completely what you are talking about, and today’s serving is some nice chilled progressive trance. I might delve into a little more uplifting stuff later on, but for now…chill time ;). Thanks again and great site!

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