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Pandora Radio

Well I’m going to have to agree with Thomas Hawk on this one…Pandora Radio is absolutely the coolest! It’s user-friendly and only requires a quicky registration. Find artists to add to a personalized station, and it will include similar artists as well. You can make upto 30 stations, I believe. Also included is the ability to post RSS feeds and integrate your bookmarked artists or songs to your blog or website…very snazzy!! And the best part? It’s free!!

Note my latest bookmarked songs as a feed on my sidebar to the right —–>

And Brenda’s Test Radio station link here… for y’all who like electronica…[hope this link works]
As an added bonus, there are links to info on the artists, songs, and options for buying what you hear! Hawesome! [as Wil Wheaton would say…]



1 thought on “Pandora Radio”

  1. yes mam pandora is good and it will get better.there is another station that deserves raves and gossip, type in Paste radio and rummage around.or for the true radio lovers go to 365 radio and make your own radio for broadcast. david-nz

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