the new Yahoo Homepage

While nominal users of the new Yahoo! portal will find all the AJAXy-goodness they’ve been hearing about, we experienced users of Yahoo! may find no purpose in saving this link to our browsers at all. Our homepages may be the “personalized” version of Yahoo! already, called My Yahoo!, where AJAX and Web 2.0 have been in place for a year now. Content can be added via RSS, modules of your e-mail, messenger, weather, local, TV stations, calendars, etc are all geared toward personalized content already. [much the same as Google, MSN, Live, but, better, in my opinion]

So, while the new launch of this preview is news, and, yeah, it looks cool, some of us who have been yodeling Yahoo! for years may not change our settings for “Home” at all…why should we?…we already have all the personalized content we need in one place…My Yahoo! [<yawn>]


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