countdown to Zooomr…

Well, after much waiting and crossing-of-fingers, looks like we might be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel…

Zooomr 2.0, a new up-and-coming photo hosting site, should be launching any moment…DoS attacks not withstanding, it has been one of the most anticipated start-ups to capture my attention since 30 Boxes.  I first heard of this new online toy thru the normal RSS channels [Scoble, Techcrunch, Thomas Hawk, GigaOm {links in my sidebar}] and I’m pretty interested in the career change brought on by Mr Hawk’s excitement over Zooomr.  I shall see for myself soon enough, me thinks…:)

I would like to wish everyone on the Zooomr Team “Best Wishes and Good Luck”! 


5 thoughts on “countdown to Zooomr…

  1. it’s seriously no big deal. almost everything is an exact copy of flickr’s functionality only zooomr looks a lot worse.

    check it out.. i use it only for the trackbacks and the audio comments.. that and the geotag are the only things it has that flickr lacks..

    again the old version of zooomr sucked… we’ll see if in version 2 they copied flickr well enough to make some really switch.

  2. Hmm, I’m not posting to compare and contrast Jesus and Spiderman…which one is better doesn’t concern me, I haven’t had the opportunity to decide for myself either way…just the fact that it has my attention is why I blogged it.
    But, thanks so much for you comment, nonetheless…eveyone’s opinion is interesting…Brenda.

  3. “again the old version of zooomr sucked”

    Okay, the fact that a 17 yr old developed it in a basement with no venture capital AND it is still in beta warrants a “suck” rating? Geez. How about some admiration and excitement?

    Sorry, Brenda, I just had to interject that. Oh, hello, by the way!

  4. Mojo, yea that wasn’t the best word. It worked and all, but it just seems like a flickr clone.

    Don’t get me wrong, i wrote about zooomr on my blog and i have a free pro account, i just wont be switching from flickr anytime soon because zooomr simply isn’t a better alternative.

    another thing that bothers me is how they over hyped this version 2 launch.. they mentioned some mind blowing features like.. *drumroll* groups! .. eh…

  5. Hey, Brenda, I LOVED reading this stuff. I felt like I was reading a foreign language with some of it but really got most. I wish I had the time to check out all the tech info. I’m a techy “wannabe”. Since I’m a nursing educator, I’m learning to create e-learning on a software called Breeze. It’s a Macromedia product. And I know power point pretty well (though still lots to learn).
    You sound great. How old are your girls by now? Matt and Mike are 26–Mike lives in springfield with his wife and he has two darling little girls 2 and 4 months. Matt lives in St. Louis. He has a job with TSA airlines once he completes his FAA certificate as a jet mechanic. You probably know a few guys like that!
    hope to see you next summer at the reunion.

    Note from the editor:  big shoutout to my Auntie Bonnie [or are you my 2nd cousin? haha]…thanks for visiting me…Brenda.

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